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Custom designed course catalogs, school handbooks, admissions booklets, calendars, brochures, flyers, postcards, stationery, and more!


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We offer full printing services for all types of marketing collateral and custom stationary needs.


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From hang tag parking permits to magnets and decals, we offer a diverse array of school products for your event, recruitment, sporting, and school spirit needs.


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Custom Course Catalogs

Need some professional help with your course catalog?
Each course catalog is unique and branded to your school's colors and style.
You provide the content and we'll provide the custom professional design.

You were flexible and very responsive whenever we had a question or concern. You were very gracious with your time and always open to needs!

Maureen Quiles-Rosa Simon Gratz Mastery Charter was truly an amazing company to work with. They went above and beyond any of my expectations in helping to create and produce our Virtual Presentations. The team was always accessible and the portal was very easy to manage in uploading material. I would highly recommend

David Shover Millersburg High School

Valerie is wonderful to work with and very responsive to all of our design and printing needs. I highly recommend her and have referred her to others many times already. Call her with an idea and she will make it a reality. Valerie also finds you the best price and works within your budget. I highly recommend her work!

Jason Peel Milford High School

We are happy to say that our entire experience was exceptional from the first phone call expressing our interest in seeing the final product in hand. The quality of the product is excellent, and we are proud to give it to our students as a keepsake of their high school experience. Valerie was so helpful, thorough, and professional. We will definitely be using again in the future.

Mark Hoyt Union High School

“The product was great! But the attention that I received from Valerie was the BEST I have ever received from any retail company. She needs to be paid more 🙂 Seriously she was available day and night and always willing to help.”

Tonya Haynes Mastery Hardy High School



    The Importance of Community Events for School Marketing

    Does your school host annual or seasonal community events? The Autumn Fair, Harvest Festival, Christmas Bazaar, Spring Carnival, Summer Picnic — the list goes on. For some schools, these events, while being acknowledged as fun, are perceived as problematic both in their organization, budgeting, and final approval (for things like fire safety, insurance, on-site security, and medical service, etc.).

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    5 Essential Interview Questions For Perspective Students

    Every school has their ideas on what would make the ideal candidate for admission. Differing requirements create a diverse set of interview questions for both prospective students and their families during the admissions process. There are, however, at least five questions that we believe are universally important to all schools.
    Below you can find these questions and our explanation as to why you should ask them to every candidate. In our experience, a successful school admission’s operation knows the value and significance of even the simplest-looking questions:

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    Identifying Your School’s Unique Selling Proposition

    A lot of people are used to thinking of school as a regular part of everyday life, an essential part of growing up that all people will go through, no matter what. This dulls the senses to the genuine and very fierce competition that exists in the world of education today. The desire for school choice, increasingly supported by public policy, is only growing more fervent, which means schools have to step up their game.
    The key to succeeding in the ever-more cut-throat world of school admissions is to identify and promote your school’s unique selling proposition (USPs), a way to differentiate your school from others. This business term may be anathema to some educators who don’t regard their field as a business, but the reality is calling, making clear it needs to be heard.

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