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How Quality Graphic Design Benefits Your School’s Marketing

Much of the marketing today is heavy on visuals. Our fast-paced lives allow us only so much time to digest long-form textual content. Images and videos are less taxing on our brain, communicating ideas more quickly and effectively than words alone. For schools, it has meant a review of their existing marketing collateral and digital marketing assets to determine if the quality of their visual marketing and graphic design can improve.
You may discover that your graphic design isn’t as refined or creative as those used by competitors. This article takes you through why the quality of graphic design – for digital and traditional media

Visual content is associated with better retention

A number of studies suggest that visual elements help people remember content better and serve as powerful learning tools. Parents, teachers, and third-party providers will be impressed by booklets and targeted marketing materials with elegant graphics. It will motivate them to go through the information, fulfilling the expectation of effective retention. Moreover, they may also feel compelled to share the material with others, increasing visibility for your school. 

Quality graphics elicit instant engagement

Well-conceived and expertly rendered graphic design grabs quick attention. Eye-catching illustrations, clear typography, complementary or contrasting colors, and generous use of white space, are alluring to the eye. 

Poor quality graphics can be off-putting for parents, students, or even alumni. Regardless of whether they’re browsing your website or reading your course catalog, they may not enjoy the experience they were expecting. This doesn’t augur well for your brand image, and may even create discontent among staff and students. 

More potential to build personal connections

Plain text can feel impersonal compared with imagery. A combination of text, images for context, and graphic design elements for effect are ideal. It humanizes your content and helps people connect with stories they may not understand fully. 

We react emotionally to visual experiences. Powerful imagery triggers visceral reactions that encourage reflection and urges swift action. 

If the sole purpose of your course catalog is to provide information, you may only require readers to connect with the content on a logical level. But a booklet or brochure meant to be distributed at marketing events, high-traffic areas, or teacher recruitment drives must connect on both a logical and an emotional level. High-quality custom designs can do the trick and make your message stick.

A matter of pride

Giving staff and third-party provider partners branded stationery of questionable quality is never a good idea. It could be embarrassing for them, and the stationery is likely to go unused. A simple way to increase the perceived quality of custom stationery is to ensure a professional appearance – even a dash of personality – to the items you present. 

Engage only a reputed and trusted graphic design company that can promise quality, custom graphic designs, and creative artwork.