Best DIY Tips for Your School’s Social Media Marketing

Best DIY Tips for Your School’s Social Media Marketing

Schools with a social media presence explore different ways to maximize engagement and turn fans and followers into brand advocates. While businesses have it easier and are able to attract their online community’s attention through rewards, discounts, and specials, schools have lesser opportunities to offer monetary benefits. 

Schools need to develop and mobilize a content strategy that reels their audience in and encourages retweets, helping boost brand awareness and convey school spirit

Here is a look at some DIY social media marketing tips that can drive interactions and support your other marketing activities. 


It’s all about the visuals 

  • 80% of marketers use visual assets in their social media marketing. Your Instagram and Facebook pages will struggle to attract new and existing students if they don’t have enough appealing images.
  • An iPhone or smartphone is all you need to take aesthetic photos of your school, social events, debates, parent-teacher conferences, basketball games, community work, and just about everything that presents your institution in a flattering light. 
  • Apply filters to photos and lighten things up a bit
  • Create short clips capturing the most dramatic moments of a basketball game or student debate
  • Celebrate students’ and staff’s achievements
  • Shine the spotlight on the contributions of non-teaching staff
  • Highlight special events and initiatives unique to your school

Inspire shareworthy stories

There are three advantages of having teachers, students, alumni, donors, and educational marketing providers share their story for publishing on your social channels.

  1. It ensures a variety of content on your pages.
  2. It increases engagement with these stakeholders.
  3. The posts will earn retweets by contributors and their fans and followers, earning you greater visibility. 

Who knows, a post may go viral (for the right reasons) and come to the attention of a social media influencer, who may further increase shares and boost traffic to your website! 

Have a plan to publish disaster and pandemic information

Social networks serve as a customer support channel for businesses. They are an ideal one-stop information channel for students and parents. While information booklets on outbreak response and other general safety-related information are no doubt useful, they may be unavailable during sudden, unpredictable events. In such circumstances, social media will be the mouthpiece and go-to for announcements.

Parents’ and kids’ safety is paramount during disease outbreaks and natural disasters. They will want to know how you have prepared for uncertainties, your response to the government’s directives, what have you done to ensure that learning isn’t disrupted, and so on.

A content template for disasters, pandemics, and other major events should include the most commonly asked questions from parents. You should stay on top of events and keep updating your social media pages with the latest information.

Start social media groups

Facebook and LinkedIn groups can help create an engaged and loyal community of people. Think of topics to center your groups around – they must be meaningful for the intended members and encourage organic engagement.

Some ideas include how students and teachers can integrate technology into education, the best ways to address cyberbullying, and empowering students through peer-to-peer learning.

Maintain active pages and keep up the momentum by creating a monthly content calendar. Assign 1-2 hours a week to post and respond to parents’ queries on your social channels. Be sure to use appropriate #hashtags in all your posts depending on the platform you use.