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New York’s Competitive Tutoring Industry: 5 Ways to Beat the Competition

According to numbers from web-based agency Find Tutors Near Me, there are more than 3,600 registered tutors in New York City. The site claims that, on average, a tutor can expect to be paid around $64 an hour. All of this makes for an extremely competitive environment for rival tutoring companies.

Parents take their kids’education very seriously, and they will take their time to find tutors who are not only reputable but who present innovative solutions to learning problems, and who can offer the most engaging and effective educational experiences. Below are 5 ways your company can start to cut through the competition and emerge as the king of the tutoring heap.

  • Maintain a strong marketing effort

Keeping an active and meaningful presence in the online space is crucial. This means regular and engaging social media and blog posts, up-to-date web content, and other evidence of a lively and dynamic team in action.

Your company’s brand, philosophy, message, achievements, community sharing, and more need to be at the heart of your marketing. That brings us neatly to the next strategy.


  • Update and clarify your brand and message

Does your company have a clear philosophy; a message to the community? What are you offering? It’s essential that you define clearly what your tutoring company is about, what are its strengths and unique selling points. Perhaps you have a special strength in tutoring kids with special needs, or a particularly strong crop of math and physics tutors.

When parents know who you are, and clearly what you do, then they are more likely to engage and make that all-important first inquiry.


  • Highlight your innovations and achievements

The front and center of your marketing and pitch to potential families should be your creative solutions to common problems. How do you make lessons interesting and productive? Do you use any special software or self-developed tools that set you apart? These will pique parents’ interest.

Another key thing is to highlight the results. When parents can see tangible data on how you’ve given kids a boost, it proves the value of your product. Showcase nice infographics and other easy-to-read stats that add a clear practical edge to your story.


  • Give clear and constructive feedback

Education isn’t a “fire and forget” process. Parents who take the time to hire tutors are deeply involved and connected with their kids’ learning. They value constructive and detailed feedback that will help their kids to improve.

You can take common issues and themes from your feedback and turn them into informative and authoritative blog and media content that helps you project leadership in your field.


  • Add value to instruction

Teaching from set textbooks or in preparation for a standardized test means you have a lot of foundation materials to work with. This is a great start, but effective and competitive tutoring companies will work to add value to all content where possible.

It could mean supplementing the materials with original creations, adding explainer videos to your social media, or enriching materials with your own knowledge and insight. This is the value of the tutor, and that’s what you should let students and families see.


What sets you apart?

In the end, it’s about identifying the things that set you apart and then highlighting them. The tutors you have recruited and retained over the years are undoubtedly your greatest asset. Look after them, and draw attention to their styles, successes, and individual strengths.

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