We design for print
We offer a variety of design options for schools, universities, and colleges, including course catalogs, school handbooks, calendars, marketing collateral, brochures, and more.
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Custom designed & printed course catalogs
Designed with your school’s brand and style guide requirements, these affordable and custom catalogs will not only serve a need but also help set your school apart.
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What We Do


Custom designed course catalogs, school handbooks, admissions booklets, calendars, brochures, flyers, postcards, stationery, and more!


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We offer full printing services for all types of marketing collateral and custom stationary needs.


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From hang tag parking permits to magnets and decals, we offer a diverse array of school products for your event, recruitment, sporting, and school spirit needs.


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We’re here to help! Here are several ideas to leverage communication with your stakeholders.  

School Packet Printing or Copies

Get your remote school packets printed in bulk and shipped directly to each school or each student. We can print your current pdf files or we can design them for you! No additional rush fees.

Direct Mail

We can directly mail booklets, copies, letters, postcards, and brochures to your students' parents.

Design Social Media Alerts

We can design your social media alert graphics, infographics, digital flyers, school packets, and more.

Discount applies to products and services that relate to operating disruptions due to COVID-19. Have another idea? Please let us know. We offer services for all educational levels and institutions. 

Custom Course Catalogs

Need some professional help with your course catalog?
Each course catalog is unique and branded to your school's colors and style.
You provide the content and we'll provide the custom professional design.

Custom Video Commencement


We are offering a special video commencement service for students graduating this year.

With this new offering, you can showcase each graduate, include inspiring messages from faculty, and highlight your school.

Additional Products and Signs

  • Promote Hygiene Awareness
  • Posters & Signs
  • Floor Decals & More



5 Ways to Spark Creativity and Confidence in the K-12 Classroom

Teachers working in a K-12 environment are often concerned about how their students will perform on various required standardized tests. This leads to a test-focused classroom where test passing skills are the most valuable commodity.
This is unfortunate, because a test-focused classroom overlooks the development of other important qualities, including ones that are valued by employers. Take creativity and confidence, for example, two qualities that help make leaders and visionaries, and skills that are treasured by top companies everywhere. Why should these play second fiddle to test preparation?
Below we’ve detailed five simple ways that K-12 teachers can spark creativity and confidence in their classrooms. It’s easier than you think:

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Marketing School Choice

Excelling in the Modern Age of School Choice: 5 ways to Boost Admissions

“School choice” goes far beyond the idea of parents just picking a group of buildings from a selection of schools in their hometowns. It has grown into an entire movement, replete with government programs and incentives—a giant, intricate web of factors and new realities.
Between magnet schools, charter schools, homeschooling, vouchers, tax credits, education savings accounts (ESAs), and other programs, school admissions have become increasingly more competitive. That brings a new thread of competition for schools as they vie for the best talent to join their future graduating classes.

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How Quality Graphic Design Benefits Your School’s Marketing

How Quality Graphic Design Benefits Your School’s Marketing

Much of the marketing today is heavy on visuals. Our fast-paced lives allow us only so much time to digest long-form textual content. Images and videos are less taxing on our brain, communicating ideas more quickly and effectively than words alone. For schools, it has meant a review of their existing marketing collateral and digital marketing assets to determine if the quality of their visual marketing and graphic design can improve.

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