You can upload directly from your computer or smartphone. You can upload multiple files at once.

Please include a short video message 20 seconds to 1 minute long.

Video Tips


  • Record from your video smartphone, laptop or tablet.

  • For smartphones/tablets, make sure you record your video horizontally.

  • Make sure your device is centered on you.

  • Look directly into your camera – do not look at yourself on the screen. By looking directly at your camera, that is your way of expressing eye contact with the viewers.

  • If you’re using a smartphone, if possible, ask that someone else hold the phone and record the message for you.


  • Avoid high volume, high traffic, echoey areas.

  • If you live with others, make sure they know you’re recording a video message in order to avoid interruptions.

  • Avoid recording yourself outside as there are unpredictable sounds and movement that may happen.

  • Make sure there are no distractions in the background. Props such as a house plant, lamp shade, book shelves and art work are helpful background scenery. 


  • Make sure there aren’t any shadows on your face. 

  • Feel free to move lamps around to see where the lighting looks best. 

  • If you have natural light coming in through a window, position yourself so that the sunlight hits your face.


  • Wear solid colors.

  • Avoid patterns/designs.

  • Avoid bright colors.

  • Avoid transparent, filmy, gauzy, or reflective materials.

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